Sunday, October 4, 2009

Hours 19, 20 and 21 from New Mexico

Hi Kids!
Whoo Hoo! We have another completion!
Here's Matt and his comic, "What a Day".

We also have another finisher, Michael and his comic, "Old Man Gloom".

And yet another, Reed, who actually finished some time ago, but promptly went to sleep and we didn't find out about it until now.

They are finishing fast and furious now!
Here's Jessie and her "The Adventures of Heroman".

Here's Christian and his "Ode to Boredom".
Alondra (AKA: Giggle Girl) and her entry, also the winner of the longest title, "Allie NoPants in 24 Hour Comic Day".
Sarah and "Ravage Nook".
Here's Amanda and Roxzy with "HOMIGOD!!!"
Gotta post this thing!
Chuck and the 7000 B.C. Gang

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