Sunday, October 4, 2009

Hour 23eeee from New Mexico

Hi Kids!

It's all over but the shoutin'! Or maybe there won't be any shoutin'...

Anyway, we have more finishers; well, one anyway.

Nate and "Insane".
Nick and "The Weird Adventures of Nipples". Hey, I just report it. I don't name it.
Jeff finshed the story with only 16 pages and the rest would be a snowstorm...

I know, I'm confused, too, but then with Jeff, it's often confusing. It's his uniquely random methodology about 24 Hour Comics...

And here it is, The Final Shot:And so another 24 Hour Comics Day has come and gone.

See ya next Year!

Chuck and the 7000 B.C. Gang

Hour 22 From New Mexico

Hi Kids!

Boy Howdy, I'm gettin' punchy! Sleep deprivation does that...

But enough about me we have more finishers! I think this is a record.

First up, Julie, with "Black Sheep".
Next, Paco and "Boris Custer, Bounty Hunter". I really like that title. One just doesn't normally associate the name "Boris" with "Custer", or at least I don't.
Our own Aliina, with "WTF". The guy from Channel 4 News was here, 21 hours late, and asked her what "WTF" meant, heh-heh... I don't think it's "World Time Functionality", do you?
That's all for now, stay tuned...
Chuck and the 7000 B.C. Gang

Hours 19, 20 and 21 from New Mexico

Hi Kids!
Whoo Hoo! We have another completion!
Here's Matt and his comic, "What a Day".

We also have another finisher, Michael and his comic, "Old Man Gloom".

And yet another, Reed, who actually finished some time ago, but promptly went to sleep and we didn't find out about it until now.

They are finishing fast and furious now!
Here's Jessie and her "The Adventures of Heroman".

Here's Christian and his "Ode to Boredom".
Alondra (AKA: Giggle Girl) and her entry, also the winner of the longest title, "Allie NoPants in 24 Hour Comic Day".
Sarah and "Ravage Nook".
Here's Amanda and Roxzy with "HOMIGOD!!!"
Gotta post this thing!
Chuck and the 7000 B.C. Gang

Hours 14 through 18 from New Mexico

Hi Kids!

Good Morning!

I'm back after a brief nap and it looks as if Ralph as sent us another update.

Meanwhile, back at the Harwood, more works in progress, pics of which to follow...
Chuck and the 7000 B.C. Gang

Hour 14 from New Mexico

Hi Kids!

We have a winner! The team of Dave and Kevin have finished their comic, "Doctor, Doctor"!
Congratulations Dave and Kevin on being the first to finish!
Now, for something completely different:

As some of you may or may not know, we here in Albuquerque are having another event, The Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta, the most photograhed event in the world, so they say. I managed to snag these photos of Saturday's mass ascension:
We should have some pretty cool shots of balloons flying over later this morning, too.

Back for Hour 15...

Chuck and the 7000 B.C. Gang

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Hour 13 1/2 from New Mexico

Hi Kids!

Just got an email from our member, and close personal friend of mine, Ralph Contreras who is toiling away in Santa Fe, but he wants to let us know he's working, so he's sending me his pics via email. I'll be adding them as quick as he can kick `em out!

Welcome Ralph. Looking good!

Chuck and the 7000 B.C. Gang

Hours 12 and 13 from New Mexico

Hi Kids!

I just wanted to thank another of our sponsors, La Montanita CooP, who were kind enough to donate real food and other sustenance. Thanks!

Still more works in progress:

Bye for now,
Chuck and the 7000 B.C. Gang!