Sunday, October 4, 2009

Hour 23eeee from New Mexico

Hi Kids!

It's all over but the shoutin'! Or maybe there won't be any shoutin'...

Anyway, we have more finishers; well, one anyway.

Nate and "Insane".
Nick and "The Weird Adventures of Nipples". Hey, I just report it. I don't name it.
Jeff finshed the story with only 16 pages and the rest would be a snowstorm...

I know, I'm confused, too, but then with Jeff, it's often confusing. It's his uniquely random methodology about 24 Hour Comics...

And here it is, The Final Shot:And so another 24 Hour Comics Day has come and gone.

See ya next Year!

Chuck and the 7000 B.C. Gang

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